Happy daughters day 2022 date in India [25 Sept], Images, Quotes, Wishes

Happy daughters day 2022 – A daughter is a gift that is given by God. Having a daughter is a proud moment for every parent. In India, it is said that whoever has a daughter in the house, Laxmi Ji has come into her house. To make a special day for her, every year Daughter Day is celebrated. This year also Daughter Day will be celebrated on 25th September 2022. To check the quotes and wishes check the given below article. 

Happy Daughters Day In India – International Daughters Day 2022 Date in India:

To make your Daughters Day special you can do a variety of things for her. We are sharing some to make it more happening and enjoyable. It will help in making the bond strong. Daughter Day is well known as International Daughter Day because the daughter is a princess to his parents. In some cities, the daughter is to be considered a burden. But as we can see the changing scenario the importance of having a daughter came out.  To wish your daughters you can check out the given below article.

Brief Details About International Daughters Day 2022

Name of Day Daughters Day
Celebrated For Daughters/Beti
Celebrated On 25th September 2022
Name of Article Happy daughters day 2022 date in India [25 Sept], Images, Quotes, Wishes
Last Year Date 26th September 2021
Motive To make every daughter feel special
Category Festival
Images, Quotes, and Ideas Available Here

25 सितंबर 2022 को हैप्पी डॉटर्स डे मनाया गया

बेटी का होना हर जीवन में गर्व का क्षण होता है। यह भगवान द्वारा दिया गया एक अनमोल उपहार है। हर किसी की बेटी नहीं होती। अपनी बेटी को बनाने के लिए आप 2022 को बेटी दिवस मना सकते हैं। 2022 का बेटी दिवस क्रमशः 25 सितंबर को मनाया जाएगा। क्योंकि हर किसी के जीवन में बेटी की अहम भूमिका होती है। उसके पास केवल एक ही नहीं है। इसलिए हर कोई एक सामान्य दिन को खास दिन बना देता है। आप नीचे दिए गए विचारों, उपहारों और उद्धरणों की जांच कर सकते हैं। हम यहां आपकी सहायता के लिए उपलब्ध हैं।

Daughters Day Quotes In Hindi – World Daughters Day 2022

1.     बेटियां होती हैं जिंदगी में बहुत खास
उनके साथ अनोखा होता है एहसास,
हर किसी को होना चाहिए इन पर नाज़,
क्योंकि बेटी है जीवन का साज।

7.   मेरा चाँद भी तू मेरा आसमाँ भी तू है,
इस जहां में सबसे प्यारा भी तू है,
मेरा दिल भी तू है उसकी धड़कन भी तू है,
सच कहूँ तो, मेरी जीने की वजह भी तू है

Happy Daughters Day Quotes In English.

  1. “In my life, you work as the light that never fades and the moon that never disappears.”
  2. “There is this girl who stole my heart and she calls me Daddy.”
  3. She stands firmly on her own two feet and I am just behind her; should she ever need me.

Poem For Daughters In English – International Daughters Day 2022 Date in India

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re (x2)

Andhiyara hai ghana aur lahu se sana
Kirno ke tinke ambar se chunn ke
Angna mein phir aaja re
Humne tujhpe hazaro sitam hain kiye
Humne tujhpe jahaan bhar ke zulm kiye

Humne socha nahi
Tu jo ud jaayegi
Ye zameen tere bin sooni reh jaayegi
Kiske dum pe sajega angna mera

O Ri Chiraiya, meri Chiraiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re
Tere pankho mein saare sitare jadu
Teri chunar satrangi bunu
Tere kaajal mein main kaali raina bharu
Teri mehandi mein main kacchi dhoop malu
Tere naino sajaa doon naya sapna

O Ri Chiraiya, meri Chiraiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re

O Ri Chiraiya
Nanhi si chidiya
Angnaa mein phir aaja re
O Ri Chiraiya…

Ideas To Celebrate Daughters Day 2022 – World Daughters Day 2022

We are sharing some ideas to make your daughter’s day special You can check the ideas which are given below.

  • Make a Card
  • Cook a special dish.
  • Make a Playlist for your daughter’s day
  • Watch a movie about daughter’s day.
  • Buy a dress for her.
  • Prepare a cake
  • Plan a Trip
  • You can plan a surprise

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When Daughters Day is celebrated?

Daughters Day is celebrated on 25th September 2022.

What is the motive for the celebration of daughters day?

The motive of celebrating daughter’s day is to make your daughter feel special.

Where to download Happy Daughters Day Quotes?

Applicants can download the International Daughters Day Quotes from google.

What is last year’s World daughters day date?

The Last year’s Happy Daughters Day is celebrated on 26th September 2021.

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