Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 Results, Live Vote Counting – Exit Polls

Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 Results, Live Vote Counting: The Mizoram Assembly election 2023 will be held in or before November – December. Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 is scheduled for 40 members of the state’s Legislative Assembly. At the time of the election, Zoramthanga is expected to be the incumbent chief minister. To know more about the dates of the election and information related to the living voting system go through the article given below.

Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 Results

The next government in Mizoram will be formed which has been out of power for the last 10 years. In the Northeast, Mizoram was the last Congress bastion.  The tenure of the Mizoram Assembly election is scheduled to end on 17 December 2023. In November 2018 the previous assembly elections were held. Mizo National Front formed the state government, with Zoramthanga becoming Chief Minister. For the Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) polls in Mizoram, less than a week left. For the 2023 assembly elections, political parties are leaving no stones unturned for the major victory ahead. For the south Mizoram’s Siaha district, the 25-member council for Mara people will go to the polls on May 5. 25 seats are contested in the Mizo National Front (MNF). 24 seats have been fielded by the BJP, which is in power in the council, whereas Congress has named a total of 23 candidates.

मिजोरम असेंबली इलेक्शन २०२३  

मिजोरम पोल्स: MNF कैंडिडेट क लालदेवनग्लिआना ने १२८४ वोट्स से जीत गए हैं उनक ॉपपोनेंट में लॉटलैमाइआ खड़े थे जहा उन्हें 1,२८४ वोट्स मिल। जीती हुई पार्टी अगली गवर्नमेंट बनाएगी जहा ZPM वर्किंग प्रेजिडेंट क सापडंगा क्लैमेड MNFवास् रिलक्टेंट तो फाइट थे २०२३ असेंबली एलेक्शं।

Highlights of the Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 

Name of the election Mizoram Assembly Election
Place Mizoram
Year of election 2023
Election end date 17 December 2023
Number of seats 25
Polls Date 5th May 2023
Parties name Congress, BJP
Total votes 14,593 votes
Won the election by Mizo National Front (MNF) 
Name of the article Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 Results, Live Vote Counting
Mizo National Front (MNF) candidate name K Laldawngliana


Schedule of Mizoram Assembly Election 2023

Poll Event Schedule
Notification Date To be determined
Last Date for filing a nomination To be determined
Scrutiny of nomination To be determined
Last Date for Withdrawal of nomination To be determined
Date of Poll To be determined
Date of Counting of Votes To be determined


Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 Results, Live Vote Counting

On Tuesday Mizo National Front (MNF) won the by-election by securing 39.96 percent of the total 14,593 votes polled, in Mizoram, as per the Election Commission. Candidate of Mizo National Front K Laldawngliana defeated his opponent Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) Laltlanmawia by a margin of 1,284 votes. According to the sources, Mizo National Front (MNF) candidate Laldawngliana secured 5,820 votes, while Laltlanmawia got 4,536 votes (31.15 percent)

Chalrosanga Ralte the Congress candidate was in the third spot by securing 3,927 votes (26.96 percent) and K Laldinthara who is the candidate of BJP managed just 246 votes, which is 1.68 percent of the total votes polled. Lalliansawta said, In these two years, we “can take proper effort to establish a new political system and people’s government in the state,”.

The MNF president said that the party has been acting strongly during all the difficult periods and experienced great deprivation during the pandemic and in past years.
He also stated that the MNF has successfully and strongly tackled all challenges and distress including those more serious than COVID and it still continues to give its best.


Who won the Mizoram Assembly Election 2023?

Mizo National Front K Laldawngliana defeated his opponent Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) Laltlanmawia by a margin of 1,284 votes.

Is there any election in 2023?

The 2023 elections in India are expected to include those to the Rajya Sabha, state legislative assemblies of nine states, and local bodies.

Which party is ruling in Mizoram today?

It is currently the state’s ruling party, with its president, Zoramthanga, as the Chief Minister of Mizoram.

How many MLA are in the Mizoram?

40 members, who are directly elected from single-seat constituencies.

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