Career Guidelines After 12th : High Salary Govt Jobs for Female & Male [List]

Career Guidelines After 12th– High Salary Govt Jobs for Female, Male [List]. Best Courses After 12 Bio Maths, Commerce, Arts Science with High Salary List. IT, Medical Courses Detail for 12th Passed Students. Also Check Merit Scholarship 2022 for 12th Passed Students, Qualifying Examination Code for 12th passed Students.

Best Courses After 12th – Which Course is Best for Future

12th standard is the last year of high school for Indian students and a major step towards their career goals. After finishing 12th, they have to explore through various courses and opportunities that they could pursue as a permanent career security. Not just corporate jobs, but freelancing and start-ups are also rapidly flourishing as career goals. They need to consider our passion and interest before they choose a path for themselves. It stirs up a lot of confusion and chaos in a student’s mind to be making such a vast and radical decision. Students may not have proper information about the courses and options available for them. Given below are some of the paths that students can pursue and make the decisions that would go parallel with their interests.

ARTS : Best Courses for Arts Students [After 12th]

For the students who have opted for arts in their senior secondary, there are so many courses available for them in today’s world. Here is a list of some:

BA Bachelor of Arts
BCA Bachelor’s in Computer Application
BHM Bachelor’s in Hotel Management
BJMC Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication
BFA Bachelor’s in Fine Arts


Now, let’s look at each of these courses and what they offer:

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts)

It’s a simple bachelor’s degree but it can be done in various fields such as history, economics, psychology, communication, geography and language courses. BA in a particular language can reveal a lot of career opportunities for Humanities students.

  • BCA (Bachelor’s in Computer Applications)

Getting this degree can help the students in becoming a software engineer without having to opt for Science in the senior secondary. MCA can be pursued after graduating for numerous job opportunities.

  • BHM (Bachelor’s in Hotel Management)

Hotel Management courses and the job demands for the same have been increasing tremendously. This degree is very useful and can fetch good results for financial stability.

  • BJMC (Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication)

If a student is willing to be a journalist or try anchoring in news channels, this course is the right choice. Various channels have even begun providing private courses for the students.

  • BFA (Bachelor’s in Fine Arts)

This course allows you to identify your hidden talents like dancing, painting, acting and singing. If a student has some side passions then this course could be a good choice to explore more about his hidden talents.

COMMERCE : Best Course for Commerce Students [After 12th]

Commerce provides a wide range of opportunities in the field of finance and business. Here are some of the courses related to it:

CA Chartered Accountancy 
CS Company Secretary
CMA Certified Management Accountant
BBA/MBA Bachelor/Master of Business Administration


JOB OPPORTUNITIES for Commerce Students After 12th

    1. CA (Chartered Accountancy) – 
      • Auditor
      • Direct and Indirect Taxation
      • Finance Management 
      • Banking and Insurance Sector
      • Actuary Professional
    2. CS (Company Secretary)
      • Corporate Restructuring 
      • Legal Advisor
      • Principal Secretary
      • Merchant Banker
      • Stock Broker
  • CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
      • Financial Analyst
      • Finance Manager
      • Cost Accountant
      • Financial Controller
  • BBA/MBA (Bachelor/Master of Business Administration)
    • Marketing Manager
    • Financial Manager
    • Management Consultant
    • Investment Banker

SCIENCE : Best Course for Science Students [After 12th]

Career After 12th for Science Stream Students

MATHS : Career After 12th for Maths Students

B. Tech Bachelor’s in Technology
B.E. Bachelor of Engineering
BSc Bachelor of Science
B.Arch. Bachelor of Architecture


  • B.Tech (Bachelor’s in Technology) 

This course is the most common path that PCM students take after finishing their 12th. There are a lot of job options after completing the course, but a student needs to crack JEE examination to get into a good government college for the further degree.

  • B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering)

Getting this degree doesn’t mean a secure job because there are higher studies to be pursued after finishing the course. Nevertheless, there are some opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship, management and civil services. A student can also try to look for internships.

  • BSc (Bachelor of Science)

Going further into the tech field can be one of the paths to choose after BSc. A student can study machine learning, AI, etc. There are career options right after getting this degree. They may include – Lab Technician, Lab Assistant and IT/Technical jobs.

  • B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

If a student has aspirations of becoming an architect some day then this is the course to pursue. The requirements to get selected include that the student must have done his schooling uptil 12th from a known board and should have a diploma along with having attempted an entrance exam.

BIOLOGY : After 12th Career for Biology Students

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
B. Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy
BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery


  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

Students who opted for biology in 11th standard usually have MBBS as the most prioritized career option. To get selected for the course, students must crack an entrance exam NEET. After getting the degree, students must specialize in a particular field and can secure life-term financial stability thereafter as a doctor.

  • B. Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

This degree can unlock many opportunities in the pharmetic field such as Analytical Chemist, Hospital Drug Coordinator, Drug Therapist, Health Inspector, Pharmacist, Research Scientist and many more.

  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

This course specializes the student in dental field of surgery. After finishing the Master’s degree, students can easily start their career as a dentist.

  • BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

The job options and paths in this field are immensely huge. Students can become doctors, consultants, therapists, scientists and so many more. One can even choose to do their own private practice and research.


It is not hidden that freelancing has been recoganised among Indian youths and many are pursuing a career in freelancing. Freelancing means self-employment and getting hired to work on particular projects with different companies. It doesn’t work like a corporate job where a person has to work in particular time slots. In freelancing, one can usually choose their work hours and the schedule is quite flexible. 

Freelancing is growing among people and can prove to be a great career choice.


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