Govt. Jobs Vs Private Jobs Vs Business 2023 – For 12th Passed Students

Which is Best : Govt. Jobs Vs Private Jobs Vs Business 2022 2023 – For 12th Passed Students of Science, Commerce, Arts. Govt Jobs for Male & Female in India.

Govt. Jobs Vs Private Jobs Vs Business: There are a variety of opportunities and paths for people to take after graduating. They may go for a cooperate private job or a government job or can open a start-up. The rate at which the start-ups in India are increasing is exceptionally amazing.

Before the economic crisis of 1991, people were biased to choose government jobs for a career but as the years passed and India recovered from the crisis, people bent towards the private sector more than ever. And today, 43% of Indians are pursuing their career in private jobs. On the other hand, 37% Indians are still pursuing government jobs.

Let’s look all the three career options more vividly.

Government Job: What is it?

For getting a government job, a person needs to take exams like UPSC, SSC CHSL, UGC NET, etc. The most common and largely attempted exam among these are the UPSC exams. Lakhs of candidates appear in these exams and only a few thousands get selected. Clearly, selection ratio is very low and ones who get selected have also appeared few times before in the past years.

How to get a Government Job?

It is hard to get selected in these exams and even harder to get past the interviews that follow. The interviews are usually based on merits and past achievements rather than skills of the person. It takes years for a person to crack an government exam and get a secure job but once a person get the job, they can rest assured for the financial stability the rest of the life.

What is the work life in Government offices?

The work of the government jobs usually remains the same for a person throughout their job life. A particular person has to do the same work everyday over and over again. This reduces the stress and anxiety to a great level and the job is less stressful compared to others.

In government jobs, the employees are supposed to work in the given time schedule and not in any extra hours. They are given holiday on every government holiday.

According to the income tax act of 1961, the workers of government jobs are granted LTC (Leave Travel Allowance) which is completely government funded and the receiver can travel anywhere without justifying or reasoning with his travel.

Some Problems With Government Jobs

  • To get a government, one’s merits and marks are valued more than the current skills of the person.
  • There are close to no chances of promotion in government job. One receives a promotion very rarely when they have worked on the same post for many years.
  • The work can start to get boring and the motivation to work can be crushed.
  • The employee can get transferred out of blue and sometimes to very inhospitable areas.

Private Job: What Is It?

Private jobs are good in their certain criteria where you don’t have to deal with the unwelcoming work environment as in government sectors. The need of private jobs has increased considerably over the past decade and now people are determined towards getting a private job because it values one’s skills than the past achievements.

How To Get A Private Job?

To get a private job, one has to give the required entrance exam for graduating. Usually, one can’t get a private job without any graduation.

The interviews that follow focus more on the person’s abilities and current skills. They value the confidence and marketing skills of the person rather than their 12th marks or how they appeared in college degrees. The selection from these interviews is comparatively easier because the jobs are not as permanent as government jobs.

What is the work life in Private offices?

The work of private jobs is more stressful and more chaotic as compared to government jobs. The employee doesn’t have to follow same work every day. Rather, they are given different types of tasks and they are supposed to meet certain deadlines. The work life is more alive in private sector.

The offices of private jobs are much well-maintained and associated with the modernity of the society. The work timings for the employees is flexible and they may have to do over time as well. The rules for holidays is different for different fields of work.

They are also granted LTC but only for the work travel purposes and they need to justify their travel. The employees have a high chance of getting a promotion and higher pay raise on the basis on skills of the person. A person can keep doing better to get promoted unlike in the government jobs.

The employees of private sector are more skilled than the government sector. Their is a high scope and diversity to be seen in the private offices.

Some Problems With Private Jobs

  • The chances to get fired are comparatively high in private sectors.
  • The minimum pay can float close to only five thousand per month.
  • Stressful work life.
  • Lesser holidays.
  • May have to work outside of office hours.

Business: What is the scope?

Now, let’s see talk about the business sector and that the number of start-ups have increased remarkably in the past years. The greatest reason could be the pandemic as the number of new companies registered has significantly reached a new peak. Therefore, the scope in this sector is also increasing vividly.

The two main things required to make a business can be:

      • Creativity
      • Mindset of a Pitcher

The idea for a start-up must be unique in it’s own way. One must try to put their creativity to best use in this area. Even if one has decided on a product that is already renowned in the industry, a right pitch can market it around very easily. A good pitcher is confident, accurate, precise and knows what he wants and how to ask for it.

Criteria Government Sector Private Sector Business Sector
Pay 18k (minimum) 5280/- (mininum) Never constant
Work life Not stressful Stressful Stressful
Job Basis Merits Skills Creativity, Marketing
Pension Yes Yes No
Competition Very High Medium High


So, there was some information about the different sectors of work. Hope this article helped.

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