Parmanu Bomb List All Country 2023 [Nuclear Atom Bomb Range in Km]

Parmanu Bomb List All Country 2023 [Nuclear Atom Bomb Range in Km]. What is Range of Parmanu Bomb. Top Country Having Nuclear Bomb 2023.

Parmanu Bomb List All Country 2023 is now available. In the world, nine countries recently hold nuclear weapons, involving the 05 major countries that inhabited the 05 permanent slots on the United Nations Security Council. In this article, you can get the country-wise Nuclear Bomb List. If you are searching for Nuclear Atom Bomb Range in Km, then you can read the article given here.

What Is Nuclear Weapon or Nuclear Bomb?

The Nuclear Weapon or Nuclear Bomb is an inflammable device that acquires its destructive force from nuclear reactions, not only fission (fission bomb) but also from a combination of fission and fusion reactions.

The United States organized its first nuclear bomb test explosion in July 1945. It left two nuclear bombs on Nagasaki, and Hiroshima, Japan in August month of the year 1945. Seeking to stop the nuclear weapon ranks Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968. The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in 1996. To get further information, you may read the following article.

Nuclear Explosion With Orange Mushroom Cloud

Insight of Nuclear Atom Bomb Range in Km | Parmanu Bomb List

Name of Weapon Nuclear Weapon
Known As Nuclear Bomb
Generally, Call as Parmanu Bomb
Article For Parmanu Bomb List All Country 2023 [Nuclear Atom Bomb Range in Km]
Category List
Nuclear Weapon Available In 09 Countries
Council Name United Nations Security Council

Parmanu Bomb List 2023 Country Wise [Top 10]

Here we are providing the countries name that possesses the Nuclear Atom Bomb/ Nuclear Weapon:

  • China – 350 nuclear warheads
  • Russia – 6,255 nuclear warheads
  • United States of America – 5,550 nuclear warheads
  • Pakistan – 165 nuclear warheads
  • India – 156 nuclear warheads
  • Israel – 90 nuclear warheads
  • North Korea – none, but material to build 40-50 nuclear warheads
  • China – 350 nuclear warheads
  • France – 290 nuclear warheads
  • United Kingdom – 225 nuclear warheads

Nuclear Atom Bomb Range in Km

The blast range of Nuclear Atom Bomb is maximized to make the largest range of severe damage, i.e. the largest range that 10 psi (69 kPa) of pressure is enlarged over, is a ground range of as follows:

  • 0.4 km for 1 kiloton (kt) of TNT yield
  • 1.9 km for 100 kt
  • 8.6 km for 10 megatons (Mt) of TNT yield.

Parmanu Bomb List All Country 2023

If we talk about that which nations hold nuclear bombs should begin by outlining what nuclear Bombs are. Basically, a nuclear weapon is the most powerful form of inflammable known to man. A single modern nuke possesses the power of 100,000 (or more) tons of TNT and could kill more than half a million people if exposed in an obtusely populated location.

Country Name First Test Year Deployed Warheads Stored Warheads Other Warheads
Russia 1949 1,625 2,870 1,760
United States 1945 1,800 2,000 1,750
China 1964 Not Specified Yet 350 Not Specified Yet
France 1960 280 10 Not Specified Yet
United Kingdom 1952 120 105 Not Specified Yet
Pakistan 1998 Not Specified Yet 165 Not Specified Yet
India 1974 Not Specified Yet 156 Not Specified Yet
Israel Not Specified Yet Not Specified Yet 90 Not Specified Yet
North Korea 2006 Not Specified Yet Not Specified Yet potential to build 40-50

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Nuclear Bomb List All Countries

Which Country has the largest power of Nuclear Bomb 2023?

Russia has the biggest Nuclear power in the world. It holds about 93% of all parmanu Bombs globally.

How Many Countries have nuclear Bombs (Nuclear Weapons) 2023?

There is a total of nine countries that have Nuclear Weapons in the year 2023.

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