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Nisha Rawal Brother 2023 [Rohit Sethia], Boyfriends, Affair – Nisha Madhulika Youtube Channel: Not a long ago, the television actor Nisha Rawal revealed her past life in the episode of a reality show lockup which is hosted by Kangana Ranaut. To know more about Nisha Rawal, her past and the episode in which she talked about her life, go through the article below.

Nisha Rawal’s brother Rohit Sethi’s boyfriends affair episode 2023:

Who is Karan Mehra, and Nisha Raval and what is their relation with Rohit Sethia? We will here answer all these questions. So Karan Mehra is a popular Indian television actor and a model. He has performed in a very famous and one of the long-lasting serials known as Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai and a few other serials. On the other hand, Nisha Rawal is also an Indian television actor who has performed in some tv serials and before coming to tv serials she came into sight in tv advertisements such as coco-cola, Sunsilk etc. Both the actors married each other in 2012 and they have a son named Kavish who was born on 15th June 2017.

Recently the couple filed a case against each other and wanted a divorce. Nisha told the media that Karan is having an extramarital affair and took him to court for domestic violence. The couple had a fight during which Karan Mehra hit Nisha as a result she got stitches. After Karan Mehra also accused Nisha of the same saying that she was also having an affair in 2015. He also said that Nisha was demanding a huge alimony amount to raise their son Kavish. Nisha’s brother reached out to Karan begged him and asked him to forgive his sister.

Nisha Rawal

General Details Regarding Nisha Rawal Brother [Rohit Sethia] Affairs:

Name of Actor Nisha Rawal
Born in 18 November 1984
Age 37 Years
Name Of Children Kavish Mehra
Husband Name Karan Mehra
Viral Because of She Revealed Her Past Life on Reality Show
Name of Article Nisha Rawal Brother [Rohit Sethia], Boyfriends, Affair – Nisha Madhulika Youtube Channel
Mode Of WatchIng News Online Mode
Year 2023
Name Of Show Lockup

Nisha Rawal Reveal her Past On Lockup TV Show – Complete News:

A short time ago Nisha revealed something about her life in the episode of lockup which is hosted by kangana ranaut. She revealed that she had a miscarriage in 2014 and was depressed and needed a support as her marriage was more like a mental and physical abuse. Then in 2015 she got connected to her old friend and got attracted to him as he was like support to her. They kissed and she confessed this to her husband karan mehra. She decided to give up on relationship and give second chance to her marriage as she was promised that abuse won’t repeat. But afterwards we all know that the same thing repeated and the couple parted ways. So this is all about what nisha rawal revealed about her past in the episode of lockup.

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