Karuvoolam pay slip – [tnpds Pension] ifhrms Pay Slip download tamilnadu 2023 pdf

Karuvoolam pay slip – [tnpds Pension] ifhrms Pay Slip download tamilnadu 2023 pdf: The government of Tamil Nadu launched an integrated financial and human resource management system (IFHRMS). It provides services to Government Employees of Tamil Nadu. The government of Tamil Nadu faced problems with the salary slips of employees. Due to this problem, the government of Tamil Nadu has launched this portal.  From this website, employees can download their pay slips online via this website. On this page below you will find all details regarding the IFHRMS pay slip.

Karuvoolam Pay Slip pdf 2023 – pensioners portal tamil nadu

In Tamil Nadu, all the treasuries work under the control of the Revenue Department. In 1954 a pay and account office was formed in Chennai combining the work of Treasury functions and audit functions, under the administrative control of the Finance Department. The Department of Treasuries and Accounts was formed in 1962. With the formation of the Directorate, all the District Treasuries in the State and Sub Treasuries under the control and the pay and Accounts Office Chennai were brought under the power of the Treasuries and Accounts Department with overall administrative control of the finance department. The government of Tamil Nadu launched this portal because many peoples get obstacles with pay slips. Now onwards employees can download their pay slips online through the official website. This portal saves all the employee’s records and maintenance its services. It provides services to Government employees of Tamil Nadu. It maintains employees’ salaries, bonuses, pensions, etc. It provided work-related information to the government employees of Tamil Nadu. All government employees can see their salary slips and pension details via online mode. Here in the below article, you get all information regarding this portal.

Overview of The IFHRMS Pay Slip 2023 – TN Karuvoolam IFHRMS Pay slip 2023:

Name of the portal IFHRMS Karuvoolam Pay Slip 2023
Authority Government of Tamil Nadu
Services Pay Slip, Loan, Pensions, download pdf
Department Finance Department and Treasury and Accounts Department
Mode Online
Stare Tamil Nadu
Country India
Helpline number 048440172172
Beneficiary Government Employees of Tamil Nadu
Article Name Karuvoolam Pay Slip 2023
Official website www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in

IFHRMS ஊழியர் ஊதியச் சீட்டு 2023:

அதன் அதிகாரம் தமிழக அரசு. இது ஊதியச் சீட்டு பதிவிறக்கம், கடன், ஆர்வம், நோக் போன்ற பல சேவைகளை வழங்கியது. இது தமிழக அரசு ஊழியர்களுக்கும் பொருந்தும். அதில் ஊழியர்களின் சம்பளம், போனஸ் ஆகியவை அடங்கும். ஊழியர்கள் சம்பள சீட்டை பெறுவதில் சிக்கல்களை எதிர்கொள்கின்றனர், இனிமேல் அவர்கள் அதிகாரப்பூர்வ இணையதளம் மூலம் தங்கள் சம்பள சீட்டு pdf பதிவிறக்கம் செய்யலாம். இந்த போர்டல் சிறந்த தரவு மேலாண்மை மற்றும் அறிக்கையிடல் திறன்களை வழங்குகிறது மற்றும் இயக்கத்தை அதிகரிக்கிறது. இந்தப் பக்கத்திலிருந்து, இந்தப் போர்டல் தொடர்பான அனைத்து விவரங்களையும் நீங்கள் பெறலாம்.

Benefits of IFHRMS Pay Slip 2023:

  • Secure access to personal and company information.
  • Easy tracking of HR-related information, such as employee records, payroll, and benefits.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in processes, such as time and attendance tracking and performance evaluations.
  • Better data management and reporting capabilities.
  • With increased mobility, information can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

IFHRMS Pay Slip Details Mentioned On 2023:

  • Employee Name.
  • Employee Post.
  • Employee Number.
  • Office Name.
  • Pay Details.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • GPF Number.
  • Duty Pay.

Departments Under The IFHRMS Pay Slip – www karuvoolam tn gov in pensioners :

  • The Treasury and account department.
  • Local fund audit.
  • Cooperative audit.
  • Pension.
  • Small saving account department.
  • The state chief auditor of statutory boards.
  • The government data center.

Modules of IFHRMS Pay Slip 2023:

  • Employee Information Management.
  • Pay Slip Management.
  • Attendance  Management.
  • Performance Management.
  • Recruitment Management.
  • Training Management.
  • Finance Management.

How To Download IFHRMS Pay Slip 2023:

  • First of all, visit the official website of Karuvoolam.
  • Now, on the homepage click the login button. After this login page will appear in the window.
  • Now, you have to log in by entering your id and password.
  • After this, the dashboard will be open in front of you.
  • Now, you have to select the finance option.
  • Now, click on the pay slip button then you have to open the IFHRMS login page.
  • After this, select the period you want to download your pay slip.
  • Now, enter your regular salary and get the pay slip.
  • Now, click on it and download your pay slip.

Process of Login The IFHRMS Pay Slip Portal – TN Karuvoolam IFHRMS Pay slip 2023:

  • Go to the official website of the IFHRMS portal.
  • Now, look for the login or sign-in button.
  • Now, enter your username and password.
  • Enter your all details regarding this portal.
  • Now, click on the login or sign-in button to finish the process.

How to IFHRMS Pensioner Login 2023:

  • First of all, go to the official website www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in
  • Now, click on the login button.
  • Now, select the pensioner button.
  • Enter your PPO number and password.
  • Now, you can successfully log in to the IFHRMS pensioner details.

Helpline number:

Some Important Links:

The official website of IFHRMS Karuvoolam Pay Slip 202: Click Here.

What is the full form of IFHRMS?

Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System.

Who is the beneficiary of this portal?

Government Employees of Tamil Nadu.

What services are provided by the government?

Pay Slip download, Pension, Loan, etc.

What is helpline number?


What is the official website of IFHRMS?

The official website is www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in

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