kallakurichi sakthi International school, Owner Name – Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School

kallakurichi Sakthi International school, Owner Name – This is breaking news that we got the information from the kallakurichi Sakthi International school. The kallakurichi Sakthi is well known as Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School. As we heard that the students of the 12th standard have committed suicide in the school hostel premies. There is a connection between a student in Kallakurichi and the Principal of the School. To know more about the information applicants can check the given below article.

Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School 12th Class Death Case

The students and the community has done protest in favor of the death of a class 12th student. In the reports, it has been seen that there were multiple injuries and excess loss of blood loss. The school is located in Kanyamua near Chinna Salem in the Karakrich district. Many students and community members have fired the school buses and From this many policemen and including pandians have suffered the situation. Students have thrown stones and fired the police busses and cars. For more details go through the given below article.

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Name of School kallakurichi Sakthi International school
Famous For Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School
Situated In Kallakurichi
News Related To 12th Standard Suicide
Release of News Details Social Media
Involvement of Principal of the school Ravikumar, Principal Sivasankaran, and Secretary Shanti
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Name of Article kallakurichi sakthi International school, Owner Name – Ecr Sakthi Matriculation School
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kalakurichi Sakthi International school மரணச் செய்தி

கள்ளக்குறிச்சி சக்தி இண்டர்நேஷனல் பள்ளியில் இருந்து எங்களுக்கு கிடைத்த அதிர்ச்சியான செய்தி இது. பள்ளி விடுதியில் 12ம் வகுப்பு படித்து வந்த மாணவி தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டுள்ளார். சமூக வலைதளங்களில் செய்தி வெளியாகி உள்ளது. பள்ளிக்கு எதிராக மாணவர்கள் மற்றும் பொதுமக்கள் போராட்டத்தில் ஈடுபட்டனர். அவர்கள் போலீஸ் பஸ்களை துப்பாக்கியால் சுட்டனர் மற்றும் 20 போலீசார் நிலைமையை அனுபவித்தனர். பள்ளி முதல்வர் ரவிக்குமார், முதல்வர் சிவசங்கரன், செயலாளர் சாந்தி ஆகியோரை போலீசார் கைது செய்தனர். கீழே குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளபடி இங்கிருந்து மேலும் விவரங்களைச் சரிபார்க்கவும்.

Kaniyamoor Sakthi School Owner

The leaders of the DMK and VCK parties visited the house of the victims. He has shown condolence to them. The police have done an investigation and would not find any suicide note anywhere. They handover the dead body to the Karakrich Government Medical College. From the sources, we have come to know that the parents and relatives are not accepting the dead body after the fraud postmortem. This is a very difficult situation for the family and dear ones.

Reason for 12th Class Student Death

The news has come that the reason for 12th Class Student was heavy pressure of studies. A girl was not able t study properly and school teachers forces them badly. The students were facing various difficulties in the subjects. The teacher was not responding to the girl. The teachers are putting up pressure because of the low grades and performance. From this, a girl was under pressure which makes her do suicide.

Protest For Class XII Girl Through Flames

The family members, relatives, and students have done the protest. They want the right from the Government. The police have arrested the culprits and given the punishment after the complete investigation. According to the 144 right has been issued on 31st July 2022 in Kallakurichi taluk.  The statement was given by Director General of Police Sylendra Babu that CBCID will conduct a judicial inquiry into the death of the student.

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