New Jio Phone Next 2023 Price, Pre Booking, Registration, Features

New Jio Phone Next 2023 – We wouldn’t be too wrong if we say that Jio democratizes internet access in India. Before Jio was there we used to pair out Rs. 253 per GB that rate came down to about Rs.20 or Rs. 30 per GB. And today we get 1 and 1.5 GB every day for a month for about Rs. 500. We are a country where you get very cheap internet access and the reason for that we will say because the Jio after Jio came up with the internet services they also launched Jio phone.

Reliance Jio Phone Next 2023 Details

Be loved there are 70 million Jio phones these are the feature phone which is ln KIOS, of course, they are 4g but Reliance has managed to sell 70 million units of Jio even more than that this number is 2 years back but we will tell you what that made a huge change in the way access internet we consume internet in India. Reliance India recent EGM announced Jio Phone Next from feature phone the Jio moved smart phone in fact their partnership with google was been discussed for a long time and finally we know what it is going to be Jio Phone Next.

New Jio Phone Registration, Booking, Features

Before moving all to Jio phones obviously, we are going to tell you everything about this phone as much as we know but let me tell you there are still more than 300 million Indians using feature phones in India they are either on 2G or of probably on 3G they are not accessing the internet in the way most of us do. so the market is still using ultra-cheap smartphones or ultra-cheap 4G smartphones which gives internet at higher speed and that is where Jio phone next.

Jio Phone Next Boot Screen

Even before talking about the specifications of Jio Phone Next, there was an image that came out off the boot screen where it said that the Jio phone next is powered by Google for who created with Google so this phone has been brought to you by both Google as well as Jio.

Jio Phone Next Display

Although it is not confirmed the display of this phone is going to be an HD display and we would be guessing about it would be around a 4.8 or 5-inch Phone.

Jio Phone Next Specifications

Although because of the Google partnership Jio Phone Next is going to be on Android 11 (Go Edition) the lighter variant of android. So so it will not require too many resources talking about the hardware it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 it is a 2-year-old chipset but it is a decent one because it supports HD plus screen and it’s a quad-core processor the clock Ted 1.3 GHz and most importantly it supports 4G Volte dual 4G Volte.

Jio Phone Next 2023 Price

Remember this phone is going to be priced around 3999/- (Expected). And if it all they come with a bundled offer it is going to cost even lesser. Remember when it comes to Jio phone they have different internet plans cheaper internet plans and when it is clubbed with their yearly plans also the effective cost of Jio phone really comes down and we think that Jio phone next is no different even the price might be 3999/- the effective price which the customer get it should be around 2999-/. And remember that is the price where we buy feature phones 300 million people using feature phone if the graduate to the Jio phone next it makes a huge difference.

Jio Phone Next Features | Jio Phone Next Key Specs

Features Specifications
Brand Jio
Model Next
Launched in India On 10th September 2023
Release date 10th September 2023
Display Touchscreen
The rear camera, Front Camera
Qualcomm Snapdragon 215
Storage 16 GB
Display 5.5 inches (13.97 cms)
Battery 3000 mAh
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 215
CPU Quad-core, 1.4GHz, Cortex A53
No of Cores 4 (Quad-Core)
Graphics Adreno 308
Operating System Android 11
Custom UI Android Go
CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi, SIM Configuration, Bluetooth, Network, Voice over LTE(VoLTE), Wi-fi features, GPS, etc

When are you going to get Jio Phone Next | Jio Phone Next Launch Date?

Jio Launched Jio Phone Next on September 2023 yes that is the day the Jio phone next go on sale first time on Jio phone came in and there were millions of people who literally wanted to buy it and the current stock is one not so we don’t know what is going to happen with Jio phone next. Buy yes September 10 is not far away it is just 15-20 days and we will definitely know what Jio phone is next for us.

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