India Accidentally Fires Missile into Pakistan – Planned Missile Attack ?

India Accidentally Fires Missile into Pakistan – Check India Planned Missile Attack on Pakistan ? Fake or Real News that India Mistakenly Fires Missile at Pakistan. Unarmed Missile Meaning in Hindi. When and How it Get Launched.

India Mistakenly Fires Missile at Pakistan – Unarmed Missile Meaning

Indian Official Said that They Accept that a Missile was Fired from India. but that was Accidentally Fired due to Technical Malfunction. No Casualty Happens at all as per Pakistani officials. They also Claimed that Civilian Property was Damaged.

India Accidentally Fired Missile on pakistan

News Regarding : India Accidentally Fires Missile – According to Pakistan Officials, They Find an Object Coming Towards them from India. That was at a Height of around 40000 Feet. It was Like 3 Times speed of Sound before it reaches to the Land Surface. They also claimed that there was no warhead on Accidentally Fired Missile. It Flies around 20 Km in the Pakistan.

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Indian Defence Ministry Claimed that It was Deeply Regrettable that Due to Technical Malfunction it Happens. There was No Personal Intention of doing that. On 9 March while Routine Maintenance, Due to a Technical Problem An Indian Missile got Fired Accidently and reaches to Pakistan Area. Govt. of India has Taken a Strict Action and asked for High Level Court of Enquiry.

Pakistani Major Gen Mr Iftikhar Said that a Heavy Object Strike to the Surface of Pakistan. It crashed Near Nian Channu which is in Eastern City. As per Official the Missile was Fired from Sirsa District of Haryana near Capital City of India.

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