Happy Mothers Day 2023 Date In India – Wishes, Quotes, Images

Happy Mothers Day 2023 Date In India – Wishes, Quotes, Images: We celebrate Mother’s Day every year on the 2nd Sunday of May. We celebrate Mother’s Day so that we can make our mothers feel special on that day.

Happy Mothers Day Date – Happy Mother Shayari – Mothers Day Cake Idea

Like every year, this year also we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day, the 2nd Sunday of May. In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the 2nd week of May, but there are many countries in the world where Mother’s Day is not celebrated by not celebrating in May. In the year 2023, Mother’s day will be celebrated on 08-May-2023 On Sunday. Remember the dates and wish your mother the very first. Here in the given below article, we are giving you the Wishes, Quotes, and Images.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes, Quotes

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when is mothers day in 2022 in india 8 May 2023
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happy mothers day wishes

”Thanks for giving me the best things in life your love , your care , and your cooking” Happy Mothers Day”!

“Thank you for always inspiring, and loving me. I hope you  have a beautiful day” . Happy Mothers Day”!

“Wishing you a fantastic day and you know that i am thinking of you and sending my love your way”.

“You are so many things to so many people and today you are celebrated for the beautiful person you are. Happy Mothers Day”!

happy mothers day wishes for all moms

“माँ एक शब्द नहीं अपने आप में पूरी दुनिया है”।

“वो दुनिया जो हमें वस्ताविक दुनिया से लडने की ताकत देती है”|

“Mother is not a word but a whole world in itself”.

“The world that gives us the strength to fight the real world”.

:-Shyama Chauhan

“सुबह की पहली आवाज है मां”!

“शाम के आचल का सुकुन है मां”!!

“रातों की फिकर है मां”!!!

THE HISTORY OF MOTHERS DAY – happy mothers day card ideas

Mother’s day dates back to 1950. A woman named Anna jarvis founded the holiday. her mother died in 1905. that’s when she comes up with the idea for mother’s day. Anna wanted to honor mother’s and the sacrifices they make The first mother’s day celebration on we held in May 1908. Anna organised the event at the Methodist church in west virgina.

It was a holiday in many states by 1912. Mother’s became a national holiday in 1914. president Woodrow Wilson officially established mother’s day in 1914. it would take place on the second Sunday in May.

Mothers Day Celebrate in Other State’s

India 8 MAY 2023 (May 2nd Sunday)
Maxico 10 May
Thailand August
France Last Sunday On May
Ethiopia Last Three Days On May

Thoughtful And Fun Ideas for what to do on Mothers Day 2023

  1. Cook a Family Recipe
  2. Craft a Wreath, Do Craftable Things
  3. Help Tackle her To-Do-List
  4. Pause for deep Conversation
  5. Celebrated her love of Design
  6. En coverage self – care
  7. Throw a Tea Party
  8. Watch a mother-Daughter Movie
  9. Make a Playlist for your Mother
  10. Flip Through A Custom Photo Album

My Feeling’s of my Mother, Overview – Mothers Day 2023 Date

The word mother may be very small, but its meaning is very big. Bringing us into the world and then becoming a guru to understand what the world is. The word mother is always in my mind. When they are young, they are always scolded, thrashed, and afraid of their mother. And when they grow up, they worry that in the zeal of success, we have taken the wrong path. In every way, only the mention of the mother remains in our mind. But at that stage of age where she becomes silent. She doesn’t tell us anything, even then her thoughts remain in our minds.


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