[hajjcommittee.gov.in 2023] HAJJ 2023 Registration – Total Cost of Haj from India

[hajjcommittee.gov.in 2023] hajj 2023 registration – Total Cost of Haj from India –  All Indian Muslims who aspire to participate  holy pilgrimage year, Hajj Committee of India will begin Hajj 2023 Registration process. An agreement between India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been signed allowing 1.75 lakh people to do Hajj in Jeddah in 2023. Please fill out Hajj 2023 Application Form you’re also interested,and then finish registration procedure.

Hajj 2023 Registration – hajjcommittee.gov.in 2023

Hajj 2023, during which many Indian Muslims will perform rituals and seek Allah’s blessings, set to begin. According to bilateral agreement made between India and Kingdom Saudi Arabia, certain restrictions on number of pilgrims travelling India were placed but are now relaxed. More than 1,75,000 pilgrims India may now travel and conduct Hajj rituals under most recent accord. You can all register Hajj in 2023 and wait lottery results to be announced.  Hajj Committee of India will publish a list with names eligible pilgrims on it. On the official website, hajcommittee.gov.in, a total of 2–3 Lists are published.

Collect Details For Hajj Online Registration 2023

Article Title [hajjcommittee.gov.in 2023] hajj 2023 registration – Total Cost of Haj from India
Name of Event Hajj
Committee Name Hajj Committee of India
Beneficiaries Muslims
Year 2023
Mode of Hajj Registration Online Mode
Category Registration
Motive of Hajj To seek the Blessings of Allah
Hajj 2023 Last Date February 2023
Help desk 022-22107070
Hajj 2023 Application Form Available Now
Haj 2023 is scheduled June-July 2023
Official Portal hajjcommittee.gov.in

हज 2023 पंजीकरण – hajjcommittee.gov.in 2023

मुसलमानों के बीच, हज तीर्थयात्रियों को ईश्वर से अधिक जुड़ाव महसूस करने का अवसर प्रदान करता है। मुसलमान हज को पैगंबर मुहम्मद की यात्रा के साथ-साथ बाइबिल के भविष्यवक्ताओं अब्राहम और इश्माएल की यात्रा के रूप में मानते हैं। मुसलमानों का मानना ​​है कि इब्राहीम को अपने बेटे इश्माएल को बलिदान करने के लिए कहने के बाद, भगवान ने अपने जनादेश को रोक दिया। कथा के यहूदी और ईसाई संस्करणों में, इब्राहीम को अपने दूसरे बेटे इसहाक को बलिदान करने का निर्देश मिलता है।

Hajj 2023 Application Form Last Date

You should all express your interest in the trip by submitting an online application at hajcommittee.gov.in. The Hajj 2023 Application Form must be completed, and it is anticipated to go live by the last week of January 2023. Also, you must complete the application in the proper manner to avoid having your application refused. Make sure to register prior to the deadline for Hajj 2023 application forms.

Hajj Yatra Eligibility Criteria 2023

  1. The people who have previously made the Haj pilgrimage are restricted.
  2. In order to qualify for the Haj Yatra, the individuals must be in good physical and mental health.
  3. Those with chronic illnesses and pregnant women in the later stages of their pregnancies are not permitted.
  4. No travel restrictions or criminal charges should be pending against the people.
  5. A 300 Rupee non-refundable application fee is due from each applicant.
  6. On the official website, any Muslim can submit an online application for the Haj Yatra.

Documents Required While Doing Hajj Online Registration

  • Photo of the applicant
  • Mobile number
  • Fee for E-mail
  • ID registration
  • Just at the time of application,
  • The applicant’s identity card must also be provided.
  • A canceled check or a bank passbook’s first and last pages should be photographed.

Total Cost of Haj from India

Depending on the state they are from, a Haj pilgrim normally pays around Rs 3 lakh and Rs 3.5 lakh. The application used to cost Rs 250 in the past, whether or not one was chosen. The forms are now free, and only those who are chosen will be charged a processing fee.

How to Check Hajj Application Form 2023 Online?

  1. Applicants should first access the Haj Portal at hajcommittee.gov.in.
  2. After that, click HAF 2023 to go to the signup.
  3. You must now complete the registration process and move on to the application form using your mobile phone number and Aadhar card.
  4. Send in the information requested on the application form, including the applicant’s name, passport number, bank account information, and more.
  5. Submit the necessary documents, including a passport-sized photo, a canceled check, an Aadhar card, and others.
  6. To finish the process, submit the application and pay the registration fee of Rs. 300.
  7. You can finish the Hajj 2023 Registration at hajcommittee.gov.in by following these instructions.

Important Links For Hajj application form 2023

  • Apply Online For hajj 2023 registration – Click Here
Hajj Committee of India Helpline Number?

Hajj Committee of India Helpline Number 022-22107070

Where to do Hajj Registration 2023?

Hajj Registration 2023 will be done on hajjcommittee.gov.in

Which kind of people used to do Hajj?

Muslim people used to do Hajj for taking te blessing of Allah.

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