drumbit app – pointerpointer.com Website [zoomquilt.org 2] Strobe.cool

drumbit app – pointerpointer.com Website [zoomquilt.org 2] Strobe.cool – illusion/ do a barrel roll, tic tac toe/ neave.com.

drumbit app – web-based drum machine:

The drumbit app is HTML5, a web-based drum machine. The app can be run with all the modern browsers which means that the app is compatible with all new browsers. The drumbit is being designed in such a way that it seems very easy to use a drum machine. It also offers various sounds to put together & in a very intuitive way.

With the help of this web-based app the user can choose several drum kits, can apply several room effects. Moreover, it also offers to change individual volume & tone scales. This drumbit app also helps to listen to your made sample in a track. Further, after creating the fascinating tones & sounds you can save it for editing later or to record it for audio purposes.

The users can join drumbit club which offers you to share the patterns with other people or with other club members. To know the latest updates about the app follow their Facebook group. Additionally, the drumbit app has two more editions, a free & a Plus edition. Both editions are available on the chrome web store. The free version is made for the website purpose while the plus edition is the more advanced version. The advanced version or plus version offers you to create up to 16 patterns, offers 9 room effects, and many more. To know more about the drumbit app follow the below article.

drumbit. app

Overall information regarding the pointerpointer. co zoomquilt2 storbe.com drumbit app:

Name of article drumbit app – pointerpointer.com Website [zoomquilt.org 2] Strobe.cool
Type Fascinating apps
Year 2022
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Find mouse pointer – pointerpointer.com:

The pointerpointer is the website that showcases the mouse pointer on the screen. Basically it is the website that shows the position of the mouse pointer which is displayed on the screen. As you visit pointerpointer.com you will see some photos pointing towards the location of your mouse pointer.

zoomquilt2 – the never-ending image:

The zoomquilt was created in the year 2004. The website was created by Berlin artist Nikolaus Baumgarten. The website shows an infinitely zooming image, which means no matter how much you zoom the image in, it will not come to an end. It shows the amazing illusion of artworks. We can term it as digital artwork. As we watch the image continuously, we get lost in that image. The image seems to us like it is telling some beautiful story.

zoomquilt.org 2

Explore some more interesting apps on Neave.com:

The neave website shows many interesting things to do. Like on the portal you can play games such as do a barrel roll, tic tac toe, and can have a look at  Strobe.cool which shows amazing illusions that can make you see the world in a different manner.

Strobe.cool is a website available on the Neave.com portal that creates different illusions. By using the Strobe.cool the world around you will resemble as it is changing shapes, appearing to warp and distort. In the strobe, you will see a stroboscopic animation. To explore it you have to click on let’s go and have to look at the center of the animation for 30 seconds. After animation gets over, look around you will see the world as changing shapes.

Note – Do not use the Strobe.cool illusion if you are sensitive to flashing lights.


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