Abhay Season 4 Release Date – {Watch Online Episode 4 and 5} – Cast, OTT, Spoiler

Abhay Season 4 Release Date – {Watch Online Episode 4 and 5} – Cast: At present, Abhay is India’s most popular web series, so far its 3 seasons have been successfully completed and now its season 4 is going to come in 2023. Abhay is a psychological crime drama which is quite interesting.


After the successful completion of 3 seasons of Abhay, it is being speculated that season 4 of Abhay is going to come soon, which is being estimated as 2023. With the arrival of season 4 in 2023, it has also been learned that the shooting of season 4 has started. In Abhay 4, I will be seen as Kunal Khemu in the role of the cast whom the audience liked a lot in the previous seasons as well.

Abhay Season 4 Release Crime Webserise

Name of serise Abhay
Upcoming Season Season 4
Genre Psychological fiction , crime and Thriller
Abhay initial Release Date February 2019
Abhay Season 4 Main Characters Kunal Khemu


Sandeepa Dhar

Elnaaz Norouzi

Season 4 expected 2023
Productions Fiction Factory
Directed by Ken Ghosh
Produced by B. P. Singh


Abhay Season 4 Release date And Time

The Abhay is a web service which is considered to be the most popular of all the web series so far. Abhay is a psychological crime thriller web series. Whose 1st season came in February 2019. People liked this serious a lot and this series became very popular in the people.

Due to its popularity, its season 4 is also likely to come in 2023. Fans are very excited about this Abhay season, they want to know when Abhay season 4 is going to come. But we can only hope that this season 4 will bring this year but no date has been announced on its official website yet. Nor has there been any update on it yet, there is only speculation that this season will come in 2023 or in the starting of 2023.

Abhay Season 4 Released in Zee5 2023

Abhay 4 is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language crime drama web series, which will be released on ZEE5 in 2023. These dramas or webseries are produced under Fiction Factory production by B.P. Dhar and Namta revolve around Abhay Singh, a criminal-minded officer of the ten, Abhay Singh is such a character who can go to any extent to solve the matter.

The series has returned with the season 2, titled, Abhay 2 with Khemu returning as the protagonist while Ram Kapoor and Chunky Pandey will be seen playing the antagonist in the series. Besides them, the second season also stars Asha Negi, Bidita Bag, Raghav Juyal, Indraneil Sengupta and Asheema Vadaan.

Abhay Season 4 Cast, Abhay Series Star Cast

  • Kunal Khemu as SP Abhay Pratap Singh
  • Sandeepa Dhar as Inspector Komal
  • Elnaaz Norouzi as Officer Natasha
  • Namit Das as Govind
  • Priyal Gor as Divya Singh (Abhay’s wife)
  • Maninee Mishra as Radhika
  • Kunal Khemu as Superintendent of Police Abhay Pratap Singh; Sonam Khanna’s husband
  • Asha Negi as Sonam Khanna (news reporter); Abhay Pratap Singh’s wife
  • Ram Kapoor as Kidnapper – dead (bomb blast)
  • Nidhi Singh as Khushboo
  • Chunky Pandey as Harsh
  • Asheema Vadaan as Mira
  • Bidita Bag as Saloni
  • Ayush Shrivastava as Sameer
  • Manini Mishra as Radhika
  • Rituraj Singh as Kuldeep Dhingra (KD)
  • Pratyaksh Panwar as Saahil
  • Devendar Chaudhury as Sandeep Awasthi
  • Nitish Pandey as Pandey Ji
  • Deepak Tijori as Chander Singh (Episode 1)
  • Gopal Singh as Rawat (Episode 1)
  • Sangeeta Panwar as Chuttan Bai (Episode 1)
  • Dua Fatima as Pooja (Episode 1)
  • Arav Shukla as Raghu (Episode 1)
  • Anshuman Jha as Pramod (Episode 2)
  • Yashashri Masurkar as Surbhi (Episode 2)
  • Basant Kumar as Charan (Episode 2)
  • Anupriya Goenka as Supriya (Episode 3)
  • Manraj Singh as Rohit (Episode 3)
  • Praveen Tiwari as Dushyant (Episode 3)
  • Utpal Dashora as Param (Episode 3)
  • Kiran Joneja as Manda (Episode 4)
  • Ravi Khanvilkar as Manda’s Assistant (Episode 4)
  • Aayaam Mehta as Officer Srivastava (Episode 4)
  • Alisha Chaudhary as Aanchal (Episode 4)
  • Guddu Rana as Aghori (Episode 4)
  • Prashant Bhargava as Driver (Episode 4)
  • Mukesh Rishi as Babu Bhaiyya (Episode 5 and 6)
  • Harsh Mayar as Sujay (Episode 5 and 6)
  • Naved Aslam as Senior Officer (Episode 5 and 6)
  • Rana Sengar as Sugreev (Episode 7)
  • Ivan Rodrigues as Channel Head (Episode 7)
  • Prashant Narayanan as Jaykrishan (Episode 7 and 8)
  • Saurabh Nayyar as Forensic Expert (Epiosde 7 and 8)
  • Geetanjali Mishra as Salini

Abhay Season 4 Release Date

The release date of the online series Abhay 4 has yet to be announced, but according to our sources, it
will be in 2023. Stay tuned to The Beyond News for more information on the Abhay 4 Web Series.


Now the 4th season of Abhay Serise is about to come, whose possible date is being told as 2023 or 2023. Till now total 24 episodes of this series have come, it has 8-8 episodes in every season. If we look at these seasons, according to them, 8 episodes are going to happen in season 4 as well.

Like the rest of the season, Kunal Khemu is a cop working on John’s crime cases. Those who have the habit that they float till the root of the case, even if they have to lose anything for this. Now it will be really fun to see what he does this season.


When did the 1st season of Abhay series come?

7 February 2022

How many seasons of Abhay has come so far?

Three (3) season’s

Which season of Abhay Serise is coming?

Season 4

When is the release date of Abhay season 4?

The date of Abhay Series has not been officially announced yet.

What is the Genre of Abhey Season 4?

Abhay Season 4’s Gener is Psychological fiction, Crime and Thriller.

Who is the producer of Abhay Series?

B.P. Singh

Which production house will launch Abhay4?

Fiction Factory

Who is the lead cast of Abhay series?

Kunal khemu, Sandeep dhar,
Elnaaz Norouzi


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