16 Youtube Channels Blocked in India, Check List of Channels India Blocks

16 Youtube Channels Blocked in India, Check List of Channels India Blocks on 25 April 2022. Reason to Ban Youtube Channels in India.

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has banned 16 youtube channels. The channels were banned as they were spreading the fake videos & news to the people. The channels can harm the sentiments of society. Also, the channels were making a threat towards the nation saftey. Check the below article, to get all the information regarding the blocked youtube channels 2022.

16 youtube channels blocked 2022:

On Monday 25th April 2022 the Government of India banned 16 youtube channels. In the list, there are some of the channels operating from Pakistan. Additionally, one of the Facebook accounts has also been banned by the officials. As per the officials, these channels were promoting disinformation and unverified news and videos that can create panic among various sections of society.

The banned channel has a vast number of followers. As per the details the banned channels have around 68 crore viewers. These channels were spreading the news without any facts & evidence which can harm the different sections of the society. The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has also said that None of the digital news publishers had furnished information to the ministry as required under Rule 18 of the IT Rules, 2021.

The action has been taken using emergency powers under the IT Rules. The main aim to block these channels was that these channels were threatening the nation’s security. Further, to know more information regarding the list of all 16 blocked channels follows the below article.

16 youtube channels banned

General information regarding the blocked youtube channels 2022:

Article for 16 youtube channels blocked
Type Information
Date of banned 25th April 2022
Banned by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
Year 2022
  • Some Indian channels
  • Some channels operated via Pakistan
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List of banned Indian youtube channels 2022:

  1. Saini Education Research with a viewership of 5,870,000 and around 60,000 subscribers.
  2. Hindi mein dekho with a viewership of 25,050,000 & around 3,50,000 subscribers.
  3. Techincal  Yogendra with a viewership of 8,020,000 & around 3,00,000 subscribers.
  4. Aaj Te news with a viewership of 3,249,000.
  5. SBB new with a viewership of  161,614,244.
  6. Defence news24X7 with a viewership of 13,300,737.
  7. The Study Time with a viewership of 57,634,260 and around 3,65,000 subscribers.
  8. Latest Update with a viewership of 34,372,518.
  9. MRF TV Live with a viewership of 1,960,852 and around 26,700 subscribers.
  10. Tahaffuz-E-Deen India with a viewership of 109,970,287 and around 7,20,000 subscribers.

Pakistan youtube channels banned 2022 list:

These channels were operated from Pakistan. Also, the channels were spreading fake news & videos. Additionally, it was majorly blocked because it may hurt the sentiments of a section of society. That’s why these channels were blocked by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The channels were blocked using emergency powers under the IT Rules. Following is the list of blocked channels operating from Pakistan.

  1. AjTak Pakistan with a viewership of 6,04,342.
  2. Discover Point with a viewership of 10,319,900 and around 70,500 subscribers.
  3. Reality Checks with a viewership of 2,220,519.
  4. Kaiser Khan with a viewership of 49,628,946  and around 4,70,000 subscribers.
  5. The Voice of Asia with a viewership of 32,438,352.
  6. Bol Media Bol with a viewership of 167,628,947 and around 1,1,60,000 subscribers.

Why 16 youtube channels were blocked 2022:

  • Spreading fake news.
  • Spreading fake videos & images.
  • Harming the sentiments of the different sections of society.
  • Making a threat to the nation’s security.

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