Amazon Prime Video's Ruler of the Rings series The Master of the Rings: The Rings of Force has nearly arrived at the finish of its most memorable season, and it has one last trailer to prod a monstrous last episode

Prime Video debuted the trailer during its board at New York Comic Con, which was shared by both The Rings of Force and Wheel of Time, the web-based feature's two major tentpole series

The last episode of The Rings of Force's most memorable season is set for discharge on Oct. 13

The trailer, which winds around together minutes all along and center of the seasons to come to an obvious conclusion to this last venture, puts major areas of strength for an on Sauron.

 As in, he strolls down certain steps in his large metal outfit. Everybody looks pretty stressed — it's Sauron! — and one of the white-shroud individuals expresses "For you are master Sauron," which may be a distraction to make individuals believe they're acolytes of the enormous person rather than trackers of The Outsider

Loads of secrets hatching as the world comes crashing down. (Be that as it may, hey now, Sauron is most certainly Halbrand, right?)

While The Rings of Force's most memorable season is nearly at an end, simply relax

Amazon will be returning a lot of outings to Center earth. The series is set to run for five full seasons, and creation on season 2 is in progress in London

It's muddled whether Amazon intends to move this series along with another season consistently, or on the other hand on the off chance that there will be a piece bigger spread between passages, yet we'll need to trust that new season 2 subtleties will be aware without a doubt