World Cup 2022 referees Who will officiate the matches in Qatar?

Fifa referees’ chairman Pierluigi Collina has insisted that female officials at the World Cup will be made available for all matches, raising the possibility of the women refereeing matches involving Saudi Arabia or Iran

Stephanie Frappart, Salima Mukansanga and Yamashita Yoshimi are the female referees in Qatar and there are three assistants at the tournament

means they are potentially officiating matches for countries where women have faced discrimination

Referees at the World Cup are also expecting matches to last more than 100 minutes as they clamp down on time-wasting during the 64 matches in Qatar

The referees trained on Friday at the Qatar Sports Club ahead of the decision over which matches they will be in charge of during the first week of the tournament

Chris Beath, of New Zealand, added:  “It won't be uncommon to see additional time. That might be six, seven, eight, nine minutes perhaps but depends on the game

Mukansanga, from Rwanda, who is one of the three female referees, says she is prepared to officiate games involving countries where women’s rights have been highlighted as a concern