Roku just entered the smart home game with a lot of help from Wyze outdoor Camera

Roku is expanding into a new frontier as the company revealed its upcoming line of smart home devices made in collaboration with Wyze

On the surface, it looks like the company merely repackaged Wyze products and slapped the Roku label on them

Roku’s Smart Home line will only be available in the United States with no known plans to expand elsewhere at the time of this writing

Differences between the cameras come down to the specific roles they fill. For example, the Indoor Camera SE ($26.99)(opens in new tab) is your base model

Then you have the Indoor Camera 360° SE ($39.99) adding auto-motion tracking and a much wider field of view

The cameras are the only devices that gain some enhancements through Roku's new Smart Home Subscription(opens in new tab) service ($39.99 annually

The Smart Light Strip SE (starting at $22.99)(opens in new tab), in particular, can sync up to music using a smartphone mic

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