Post Office PPF scheme: Get Rs 1 crore return on investment of Rs 417 per day; details here

Post Office schemes are considered one of the safest options for middle-class people in the country to invest in because they guarantee higher returns and are backed by the central government

You can turn a massive profit from this scheme even if you only invest a modest sum of money. This plan offers security and financial saving

you will earn Rs. 1.03 crore. In this case, your investment will amount to Rs. 37.50 lakh. You will get Rs. 65.58 lakh as interest, taking your total gain to over Rs 1 crore

The total interest received will be Rs. 18.18 lakh. When you add both, you have a total return of Rs 40.68 lakh

If you invest Rs 12,500 every month or Rs 417 per day for 15 years, or till maturity, your total investment will be Rs 22.50 lakh

A single adult resident Indian can open an account at any post office branch or bank

However, a person who became an NRI before reaching adulthood can avail the benefits of the PPF scheme