Russell Wilson Deserves More Blame Than We Realized

For years now, the QB has been viewed as a victim of the system in Seattle. But a horrid start in Denver has us rethinking the blame game

Whether or not Russell Wilson saw it this way, a trade from Seattle to anywhere else was always going to be the biggest risk of his career. How lucky we would all be, if taking a massive leap of faith in our personal lives could also come with $124 million in guaranteed money

But if narrative control is of any interest to Wilson, these are dire times. The Broncos have averaged 15 points in their first five games and have not topped 23. Their loss to the Colts in overtime Thursday night was so bad that Kirk Herbstreit called the totality of their offensive performance “horrible” during the broadcast. Thus far, most of the weight has been shouldered by Denver’s new coach Nathaniel Hackett,

At some point, will the finger eventually shift to Wilson, who, in Denver,

looks like the most pedestrian version of what he was in Seattle? His backfield theatrics,

which we celebrated widely as a football viewing public (and as a print magazine) are half-speed now, or have disappeared altogether