1. Prince William (6’3") At the top (get it?) of the height chart is...Prince William! The future king pretty much towers over the rest of his royal fam (although, he only has about an inch on his brother, Prince Harry).

2. Prince Harry (6’2") Back to Prince Harry. He may not be as tall as his older brother, but the Duke of Sussex’s height landed him the second spot. Like we said before, he’s only an inch shorter, which is probably barely noticeable in person.

3. Prince Philip (6′0") You might be thinking that both Prince Harry and Prince William get their height from their dad, King Charles. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. It was their grandfather, Prince Philip, that passed along the taller genes (maybe height skips a generation?). Philip, who sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 99, was the only other member of the fam who reached the six-foot mark.

4. Princess Diana (5’10") When we learned about Princess Diana’s height, we honestly had to read the numbers again. The Princess of Wales stood at an impressive five feet, ten inches. As it turns out, her ex-husband King Charles was also the same height, so Diana often avoided heels and tried to find ways to make herself look shorter

5. King Charles (5’10") Like we said, the king is also 5’10". Luckily, his second wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, isn’t as tall as his first wife, Princess Diana.

6. Kate Middleton (5’9") She may not be 5’10" like her mother-in-law was, but the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall is still one of the tallest women in the royal gang. Plus, she also loves to wear heels, which probably gets her closer to around six feet at times

7. Camilla Parker Bowles (5’8") Right behind Middleton is Camilla Parker Bowles. Standing at five feet, eight inches, when pictured next to her hubby, the queen consort definitely measures up.